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Coming soon! My new book ‘Murder at the Mela’ is published by Ringwood Publsihers. https://www.ringwoodpublishing.com/product/murder-at-the-mela-pre-order-now/

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Scotland and India are my inspirations for writing and I love books on both these countries. I worked as a Principal Teacher of Modern Studies for thirty years and took up writing after retirement. I practise yoga, go to the gym and meet up with friends and family. At home, in Glasgow, Scotland, I belong to the Federation of Writers and attend their events. I am a founder member of Bearsden Writers and I serve on the East Dunbartonshire Arts & Culture committee. I go to as many book launches and literary events as possible. I love good food and have a monthly meeting with a potluck group of nine families. A chocoholic, I indulge in the food of the gods while I watch films and documentaries. I love to travel, Washington DC being a favourite destination, and India too, as I have family there.

Writing is my passion- I love it.

9 thoughts on “Home

    1. Bryan

      Saw Leela talking on Bloody Scotland. I would like to read Murder at the Mela. Unfortunately I read all my books via iBooks now. Will this book appear in the Apple world?


  1. Chloe Ross

    Are your books in print? I love India. Vasseem Khan is in the top shortlist and then a long list of Indian writers – a library of about 1K books on the subject and on every subject therein.. If I haven’t. encountered you it is my shame – and I would like to correct it. I am in West Hollywood, CA and I write. Writing via FB, but also have a blog on WP – VOOLAVEX.com



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