Love Words at Goma

The Federation of Writers had an enjoyable event ‘Love Words’ at the Gallery of Modern Art yesterday. Great participation by all poets and prose writers.Glasgow has a really active, inspiring writers scene and I feel happy to be part of it.

As promised here is some of the feedback for my novel ‘Twice Born’ some edited and some in full.

Hi Leela
Though I bought “Twice Born” shortly after its release it’s only in the last day or so that I have read it

Top marks!!

Especially interesting to Grace & myself as Glasgow doctors qualifying in the mid fifties,

Courting in the Kibble Palace, and People’s Palace shopping, eating and going to the pictures in Byres Road
Dr. John S. Bryden

Hi Leela
At last! I got your book from Amazon last week (they had to order it), but it was worth waiting for. I enjoyed your story very much – and also enjoyed learning about the Scotland -India connections. Hope you’re working on the next one now. I’m looking forward to reading more.
Dr. Ann McLaren (Vice President, Scottish Association of Writers)

I read your book and really enjoyed it. Fascinating insights into your rich cultural background and such vivid description. It’s wonderful to read and find your self so identifying with the author’s words that you can almost feel yourself transported back in time. There were moments like that in your book and in two I have read recently, James Kelman’s Kieron Smith, Boy and Janice Galloway’s It’s Not About me.
When I’ve read your book again I’d love to have a chat with you.
Catherine Stapleton (Principal Teacher)

Just to let you know that I have finished your book
and thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. As I progressed
through it I was eager to find out what happens to the
two main characters, so you really got my interest
going. It was also very interesting to find out about
the cultural aspects of Sita’s move to the UK. Well
done, and I am very pleased to know an author! Will
there be a sequel?
Pat McKenzie(Assistant Head Teacher)

I loved the book. The character of Sita comes alive in the story and I was taken along on a journey where I got to see life through the eyes of an Indian immigrant adapting to new places, people and culture. It is a story every woman will relate to, especially those who have moved far after marriage. I just wanted to keep reading to know what happens to Sita. The description of Scotland and Glasgow is a visual treat as I could almost see the surroundings as the author describes it. The political changes and the changes in Sita’s life seem to intertwine which makes this book an interesting read and different from the usual love stories.
Vidya, London

This evocative novel, set in Glasgow, is seen through the eyes of an Indian immigrant couple who have to adapt to their new country and city, to each other (it is an arranged marriage), and the subtle pressures of their own community. This love story has sharply observed characters, authentic settings and real emotional tragedies. The strong narrative is seasoned with wit and sympathy and offers real insights into the host culture as seen from the newcomer’s standpoint.
M. Thomson Scotland

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