More positive comments from readers. I quote :

‘What a SPECTACULAR day.Such a pleasure to hear Leela reading from her novel TWICE BORN. As always with Leela, one’s senses are immediately wrapped in fabulous colour, glorious fragrance.I started to read it on the way home and was immediately captivated-a young girl questioning beliefs… awaiting herfuture…and that’s just the opening- Monica P

I also met a lady from my city of birth Madrsa India and we had been to the same school.She is probably lots younger than me but a wonderful connection has happened because of my novel!

‘I never expected to come half across the world to Glasgow and find living right next door to me,someone who iwrites about the place of my birth and childhood! I was so glad to meet with a kindred soul – well, the Chennai-Glasgow link is strong in both of us, and to top it, you studied in GSC as well. I have not yet started on the book, but it certainly beckons and looks really interesting. – Odette K

Another recurring question that is encouraging me is the ‘What about the next novel?’

‘Hope your book is doing well. I have been meaning to e-mail you to let you know that I really enjoyed it and have mentioned it to friends. I liked the character, Sita, and you kept my interest as I wanted to know where the story was going for her and wanted her to have the chance to really be herself and be truly happy. I also enjoyed the political scenarios, as I was then able to place what I was doing at that time, to the characters. Your descriptions of the Glasgow areas were spot on and I enjoyed knowing the places described.

Well done and hope things are going well. Are you working on another book? ‘ Lynn S

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