April Radio Shows

Lovely time with relatives showing around Glasgow and Edinburgh. The sun shone some days, it was mild and spring is in the air.
Back to the novel, a great flyer by a young designer at http://www.animations4u.com/ will soon be around as many places in Glasgow as possible. Three radio shows in April starting tomorrow the 8th, 10- 11 am on BBC Radio/Asian Network hosted by Nihal.I am looking forward to the show. Next I’m off down to Birmingham on Easter Sunday at BBC RADIO West Midlands at ‘Midnight Masala’ a 40 minute show including reading extracts and an interview interspersed with music, sounds great.Then on 16th April between 10-12 am Radio Awaz, Glasgow’s own Asian network is broadcasting the interview that I did earlier.

A month of shows and choc eggs, what more does one need?

2 thoughts on “April Radio Shows

  1. Anonymous

    Morning Leela, Very much enjoyed listening to you on the Asian Network. You surmounted some very leaden questions and Twice Born is now a must read. The readings, and your views and comments on the dual cultural aspect are so interested and interesting. Good luck as an author and may you have many deep veins to mine.lamorna~


  2. Leela Soma

    Thanks Anonymous.Good to get comments from others. As I had no idea of the format of the show or how long the show was or if I could read extracts I was thinking on my feet and answered as best as I could. Birmingham tomorrow on BBC West Midlands show -Midnight Masala.Wonder how that is going to be?



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