BBC WM Midnight Masala show

Yep, this is where BBC WM has its studio. A pity Harvey Nicks was shut. I could have gawped at the stuff though the pennies would not have stretched to buying anything there.

A midnight drive in Brum was a new experience, as we don’t know the city at all.Glad it was a holiday and as it was late there was very little traffic.The show- MIDNIGHT MASALA on 12th Sunday- was fine so do listen to it on BBC iPlayer if you have the time. Fast forward as my interview is in the last half hour of the show. Satnam Rana the presenter and Arshia in the studio were a friendly duo, made me feel welcome. The chat about the book was just right for that time of night. I read two very short extracts to give a taste of the storyline. Hope ‘Twice Born’ does reach a wider audience.

Easter is over, we can look forward to warm summer days.

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