I am here in the capital city of Ottawa for a family holiday. The weather was sunny to start with but has deteriorated to grey and rainy this morning. I managed to get a couple of events at the Ottawa Writer’s Festival which was celebrating its 10th anniversary, much smaller venue than ‘oor ain Aye Write’ at the Mitchell.
Tulips bulbs sent over from the Netherlands to commemorate the special friendship forged during the Second World War between Canada and The Netherlands has been been a tradition since 1951.This is still celebrated with the wonderful Tulip Festival in May every year in Ottawa.We tried different world foods in the International Pavilion after a super walk along the Rideau River and the display in Commisionaire’s Park.Enjoying a lovely break in North America.
As soon as I get back home to Glasgow I need to get organised for the book launch at Borders on June the 4th.

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