Here I’m in the land of the free etc and getting fatter by the minute.Love the food, huge portions, can’t resist the sweets, chocs and icecream. I can understand the obesity problem here.First time in Upstate New York. The campus of my daughter’s uni is incredible.The facilities for student, the huge libraries, the computers, the sporting facilities, the student union and the fact that huge car parks are overflowing and that they need a park and ride for students is totally amazing. The space for everything is fantastic.
Now for the downside, the day I arrived there was a shooting in downtown. The public transport system is disgraceful and quite scary as few people use it. Had to hire a car. Funny driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. I am fine as long as there are cars in front of me then I get a bit confused and panicky.Okay now after a few days driving here.Must upload photos when I get back. I’ll miss the sunshine definetly and the diversity as people from allover the world at this campus city.Off to an art show.

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