BookFest at City Chambers

Struggled in to City Chambers in George Square on the 8th midmorning. Felt dizzy and ill.Managed to croak my way through my short readings.The function suite was stunning, the event so touching in many ways as the readers reflected the diversity in Glasgow. Mahmood , the Iranian poet was wonderful, read some in Farsi, the Persian lilt so rich to listen to. Jamila the Irish/ Asian poet read with music in the background, the Kosovan ladies, the Somailian young girl read pieces that were touching, words from the heart. Mariyam chaired the meeting really well. The Oxfam staff’s hard work had this wonderful bookfest off to a great start. The line up in the afternoon was ‘awesome’, like Liz Lochhead, Donny O’Rourke, Caro Ramsey, Margaret Thomson Davies, Karen Campbell etc but I had to get back to my bed, felt I could not sit there anymore, feeling weak and dizzy.
Going to the doc this afternoon to get this sorted, if it is a nasty bug I need some antibiotics to get rid of it. Sorry to be such a moan but it has gone on for too long.

1 thought on “BookFest at City Chambers

  1. SharonM

    Glad it was a good event – though sorry you didn't feel up to staying. Hope you've been given something to sort you out and will soon feel a lot better.



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