Bruce Springsteen in Hampden or Oxfam Bookfest?

Brucie boy’s concert had a wee bit of an effect on our audience.How can I win against ‘Pink Cadillac and My Lucky Day’? The heavy showers also kept some people away, but all in all a good event. Tawona’s lullaby in Shona language, the unique music of Zimbabwe and the surprise participation of Bryam Owen made it a good evening. James, John and Anne at the Oxfam Bookshop had put in all the effort to make it happen.
I’m glad to say that I feel so much better that I even managed to go to my aquarobics class this morning.Good health is so important we take it for granted always. So another writers event this evening with Rosemary Goring as Chair of Creative Scotland Literature group and a new author Andrea McNicoll’s debut novel, I’m sure it would be an interesting evening.

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