e books audio versions ?

Fellow writer friends are going for ebook version of their book and one dear friend has also got an audio version of his. What should a technophobe like me do? I love new technology and gaze in wonder at all the dizzying heights of progress but can only hack a small amount with any sense of understanding.
Shoulder still in agony xray results in 7-10 days.May have inherited my mum’s oesteo arthritis.No cure then, grin and bear it as I hate taking Ibuprofen even now.
Scribbled a lovely poem at dawn but can’t read my own writing now!Need to work on it maybe after lunch.My garden now a poetry of nature, blooming in all hues.

2 thoughts on “e books audio versions ?

  1. SharonM

    Might you be able to get one of the Talking Book companies to take it on (I know very little about the process)?Re your shoulder, I remember being told by a physiotherapist whom I was seeing about something else, that women more often than not tend to have major problems with their shoulders. Maybe, like me, it might be mainly down to calcification, which can be sorted.Using a conventional mouse doesn't help, either. I swim and do excercises in the pool to extend the range of movement in the shoulders – it does help.


  2. Leela Soma

    Thanks Sharon. Audio companies are costly, need actors to read the novel, record it etc. I want to concentrate on the next novel now and a poetry collection next, rather than spend too much time on marketing.Ta re the shoulder too. I'm getting help so I'll add your helpful advice to make it better.



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