EIBF, Courses

Edinburgh international Book Festival is in full swing. I’ll be there next week.I just love the atmosphere of the tent and browsing the huge number of new books. The crowds and the fringe acts on the street make it so colourful and vibrant.Which authors do I want to hear? I’m still thinking about it.I noticed that all the workshops on writing were sold out except ones on poetry.No surprise there.Looking forward to a couple of days out in Edinburgh.Oh Iam also away to visit a friend in St. Andrews on Monday so a busy week ahead.
Two thick brochures from Glasgow University Dace and Strathclyde University arrived by post. There are so many courses on Creative Writing,Languages,Art Appreciation, Computer use, Digital camera and Philosophy. I want to do them all. Its wonderful that there is such a wide choice. Aren’t we lucky in UK that the courses are so accessible? The courses and number of new tutors on Creative Writing has increased tremendously. Is everyone writing that one book that’s supposed to be in all of us,I wonder?Some of the tutors are still doing their M.Litt courses so maybe they can shed a light on how to get that best seller out and get a two or three book deal.

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