My friend Palo gave me the biography of JRR Tolkein. My daughter read the whole boxed set of his works, and I watched the dvd’s with her I’m ashamed to say.His biography though is fascinating. To read how writers started their journeys into writing, how their stories are influenced by their lives is so interesting that I’m spending too much time reading rather than finishing my own novel.
JRRT’s love language, his teaching career at Oxford on philology, his mother’s early influence and his love of languages is amazing. Old English, Middle English, Latin, Greek, Welsh, Finnish, Gothic, inventing his own language started very early. His love of trees and landscape was nurtured in his childhood. I love the reference to a postcard that he bought when he was very young and later marked it as ‘origin of Gandalf’. The book is written by Humphrey Carpenter, who has researched it meticulously and even met the great man.Words, words words! How lucky are we to be able to dwell on them and savour each sound and meaning?They make our lives so rich.

Paisley Film Society

Linda Mundell and a few buddies have started this film society in Paisley.I’m just listened to her interview on BBC Radio Scotland on the Movie Cafe with Janice Forsyth. In the art centre on the High street every Tuesday and even some matinees promised.A wee plug for my friend.Google and get the details.

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