September is almost away and I have neglected my blog. Too busy with life and struggling a bit with an eye problem that has restricted my reading and writing.If it is a chronic condition like it seems to be,then I need to refocus and get on with it and structure my activities accordingly. Great authors like Sue Townsend still continue to write like the Adrian Mole Series even with such a great disability as failing vision. At least my vision is fine so I should stop moaning and get on with life.
Exciting news is of course that I won some National Book tokens and I veer between wanting to buy the latest Booker prize authors or classics that I meant to read. I am still dithering about what books to buy. The next class I ‘ll be attending is on World Literature- The Nobel Prize Winners so I will be buying copies of the reading list first. These following authors have been suggested. Le Clesio, Doris Lessing, V.S. Naipaul( ‘The man who loves to wound civilisation’ a quote I always remember of him) and poet Szymborska.The course starts in January so plenty of time to read and re-read the great works.Sometimes an easy read is the perfect choice for me, so I delved into Dan Brown’s ‘Lost Symbol’ and enjoyed it.
Milngavie Festival was held this month. It was a really enjoyable week of bookish and arty events in my local town. I met a lot of new and some famous writers. I recommend a single ‘book day’ in every village and town. The local schools were involved and the pleasure it gave the young ones was quite clear. For the last 4 years Edinburgh as Unesco’s A City of Literature runs special projects on reading and gives away books to school children. A wonderful idea that I wish every country could afford to do.

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