Festivals Galore

‘All that we are is the result of what we have thought.’ Buddha

A profound and true statement. When I read words that leap out of the page I know that the author has thought carefully about arranging the words in such a way that it affects me.

The book festivals of the Spring /Summer are enjoyable. A lot of activities like meeting writers and hearing them read their work is wonderful. I look at the plethora of Festivals now and wonder what draws people in such big numbers to these events.Is it just excellent marketing or is it a new kind of awareness? Does seeing the author in the flesh fulfill a deep need about how and why the author has penned his /her words? Favorite questions usually are how and when do you write? Very rarely asked of other creative people, there is a kind of fascination in the process of writing.
For some reason I had forgotten to publish these strange eclectic thoughts during summer time, don’t know why!

Autumn/Winter is the time to get cozy, hibernate and coorie into the duvet. What happens though is people start to celebrate all kinds of festivals to keep the spirits up during the long dark nights. I love this season, bright lights,Navrathri the nine nights of feasting and socialising, Halloween followed by Diwali the festival of lights and then Christmas of course.

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