World in Books Series- India

Fantastic evening at the Milngavie Bookshop with Prose Punch and Pakora. Well punch is from India as most people are aware, the five spices(The word panch means five) added to the wine gave a special flavour to the evening. Twenty people came along wrapped up against the chill and enjoyed listening to a short extract from my new novel ‘Bombay Baby’ and a couple of poems on Diwali. Even the Lord Provost of East Dunbartonshire, managed to attend the event.
To the strains of Ravi Shankar they watched how to tie a sari, marvelling at the six yards worn so elegantly by the women in India, though the mannequin was a bit tricky to keep up straight and we all had a laugh as it fell once and was rescued by a gentleman sitting beside it. Some had their hands painted with henna and liked the fact that the herb tattoo would wash away in a couple of weeks and not taint the skin permanently. The evening ended with everyone tucking into a delicious meal provided by Cafe Review’s Gillian. Such events add a bit of culture and fun to book readings and authors who have participated like the change from a formal book reading to a different format that has elements of music, food and other aspects and it attracts more people. Anyway a freezing evening was warmed up wonderfully by the bookshop that serves the local community with unique new events.

A Spanish/tapas evening is next on the cards at the shop. Hola!

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