Friend’s Books

Two of my friends have had their books published. Allan’s has been around for a while but he’s offering a free ebook for all of you to download. It is a very good debut novel. As he donates part of his royalties to the Derian House Children’s Hospice,I’m sure some of you would like to read and donate to this worthwhile charity.

Here’s the link below:

Allan Mayer January 7 at 10:20pm Reply • Report
If you would like a free copy of Tasting the Wind go to:

As for Susan Abrahams book what can I say? It is a book of ‘lyrical musings’ as she describes and a very good read. I’ve been dipping into the book. There are three parts to the book.I have read the first one, ‘Romanticism’ which is heartbreakingly good. Some of the poems has tapped into some really painful experiences and worded so beautifully. I love the rhythm and the bitter sweet of some of the poems like ‘The Apologetic Wife’, ‘The Broken Virgin’ and ‘Voices in the Dark’ ‘Faith.’ I loved the start of the poem ‘I read a letter not yet written…’ Susan is a consummate writer, a travel fiend and a busy blogger. I’m sure you will wish to add her book to your collection. It has a very charming title ‘ Call the Ships at Dar-es-Salaam’

2 thoughts on “Friend’s Books

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Leela for this very thoughtful & nicely-worded piece. Much appreciated. Plus, it's pleasing also to know that Allan Mayer has a new book out. X susan


  2. leela soma

    As I said your poems are lovely and I look forward to your new novel Sue. Yes, Allan has been kind enough to give his ebook free to all so he can raise money for the Derian Children's Hospice.



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