Book Giveaway

Most of you are aware of the book I am giving away on World Book Night. On Saturday 5th March at 2.30, Milngavie Library will reverbrate to an African drum(hopefully)which will herald the givaway of Chimananda Ngozi Adichie’s fabulous ‘Half of a Yellow Sun.’ I know reading a wonderful book can uplift the spirit of anyone and transport them to faraway lands. This book certainly did that for me.I want to share that with 48 others who will hopefully enjoy the same passion as I feel for reading books. I promise some photos of the event.

5 thoughts on “Book Giveaway

  1. Lotus Reads

    Wow and thank you for these wonderful book recommendations, Leela! I already have “Difficult Daughters” on my TBR list, and it is with great pleasure that I add “The Last Brother” to it as well. When a clever reader like yourself gets excited about a book I know it's worth reading! Great to read of your Mauritian connection. My mother's mother grew up in Mauritius, so it would be a meaningful read for me too! Thanks Leela!


  2. Leela Soma

    Finished reading'The Last Brother' Angie and I can't recommend it highly enough. From a snippet of history, Jews from East Europe,fleeing the War in the ship Atlantic, hoping to make a home in British controlled Palestine were turned back as they did not have legitimate papers and were deported to Mauritius, then a British colony and interned at Beau Bassin prison till the end of the war. 127 Jews died in Mauritius and Appanah has woven a wonderful tale of the two young boys around this amazing bit of WWII history.



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