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Nikesh Shukla’s ‘Coconut Unlimited’ was shortlisted for the Costa debut Novel Prize. An easy read, it is a bittersweet ‘coming of age’ book about three Asian boys, in a posh public school and their gauche attempts to form a hip-hop band. I know nothing about hip-hop. My music kind of came to a stop when 50 cents, Eminem etc started the ‘mantra’ like noises. I preferred the old music where you could understand the lyrics. Yet this book had me giggling and reading on. Sad on one level that even in the 90’s the racism was rife from pupils and teachers alike at his school and on both sides of the racial divide.His parents working hard and constantly reminding him of their sacrifices for his education was the theme throughout the book. The scene with his mum choosing a pair of jeans from C&A instead of a ‘cool’ shop was hilarious. So if you have a few hours spare and want to indulge in Amit, Nishant and Anand’s struggle through their teen years pick this book up.

4 thoughts on “Mini book blog

  1. Lotus Reads

    'Coconut Unlimited' has been getting so much press lately, Leela, I was quite curious to know what it is all about, so very grateful for your write-up. I'm presuming the novel was set in the UK? Yes, true, you would imagine that there was zero tolerance for racism in the '90's, especially in schools, but apparently not 😦


  2. Happy Reader

    Thanks for the review Leela. What lures me to this book is the title, being a hardcore 'coconut' fan!! LOL. I find the story line interesting, since I have a wee one at Pre-K level and I constantly worry about racism and other issues that might crop up when she starts school. Though I have heard only good things about our neighborhood schools, you will never know. Looks like you are already 2 down on the costa list, Way to go Leela!


  3. The Pixy Princess

    Darling Leela, it's 50 CENT. No “s”. *giggle*And fyi, Marshal Mathers III aka Eminem is rather good with the poetic verse in his lyrics. I actually converted my mother's opinion on him (and rap in general). Gave her the lyrics to read along to and she was suitably impressed. Akon is pretty good as well. As for Kanye West, as a person, he's a right wanker. As an artist, props to the man. That being said, I'm more partial to the old school stuff meself.


  4. Leela Soma

    Hi Nix, You cheeky chops I stand corrected re 50 cent. Hadn't a scubie nor do I want to be enlightened! lol! I 'll stick with my ole Elvis, Beatles, Stones 60's and 70's rule okay?



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