I was given a bookmark as a present, almost like a piece of beautiful jewellery, but I prefer my staid old cardboardy ones. They are stiff and often picked up at the library, at a bookstore or when I’ve been abroad somewhere. If I lose them I can always replace them easily. The old fashioned ones often have book blurbs on them to read. I must admit I like the social media ones that are shown above. How about you? Do you like these fancy ones that have beads and semi-precious stones on them or like me do you use a simple cardboard bookmark?
btw I have finished reading Manu Joseph’s ‘Serious Men’ I enjoyed the book but must agree with a fellow tweeter that the ‘science was overly simplified and cringe-worthy for most part’ in the book, more so as the scientist was supposed to be heading for the Nobel Prize for Physics. Joseph’s keen observations of life in modern India were splendid. Like Adiga he has gone for the frustrations of the dalit protagonist against his brahmin boss and done it with humour.Reading about a South Indian protagonist was also refreshing as I’ve seen few before, apart from characters in R.K Narayan’s books.

The weather is mild, the kids are all out of school and Easter chocs and cakes are in all the stores. I was in Lidl this morning and a lady was excitedly showing me the silicone bunny cake mould she was buying. ‘Making a bunny cake this afternoon for the wee ones,’ she said and I shared her joy. It is the simple things in life that makes one happy, the bunch of daffs swaying golden in the breeze, the trees sprouting leaves, the pink haze of the cherry blossom already dotting the black tar pavement in some streets. Having spent twenty years of my early life in Madras where the seasons change never more than the temperature getting hot and hotter or the sudden downpour of the monsoon, it is wonderful to see the infant buds here defiantly blossoming as the winter fades away. Spring marches on.

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