Milngavie the gentle suburb

I travelled by train to town this morning and bought a newspaper from the tiny porta cabin coffee shop/ newsagent/ sweetie shop. I found a stack of books at the side and I enquired what it was for.’It’s for reading on the train,’ said the nice gentleman. ‘You can borrow one and bring it back or replace it with your own,’ he added with a smile. Now where else in the world would you have such a wonderfully thoughtful service? I have seen a lending library in Indian trains where people spend over a couple of days travelling from one part of India to the other, but they are a captive audience, can’t run away with the copies. My little suburb has these touches that I hope will always be cherished.

6 thoughts on “Milngavie the gentle suburb

  1. Katrina

    I heard about this on the radio a few months ago. I believe that it was started in Shettleston – of all places! It's nice to see that it's spreading out to other areas.


  2. Leela Soma

    Thanks for your comment Katrina. I thought Milngavie was unique in having this service. I think it is even more important in places like Shettleston. I taught in a Bridgeton Secondary School so I know what deprivation really is and how difficult it is for most children in these areas to have access to books or any reading material at all. btw I am not able to subscribe to your blog.When I click on the rss feed I just get some gobbledegook! Wonder why?


  3. Leela Soma

    Thanks Jenny(?) for your comment. The books were well-thumbed and loved obviously but I'm sure not rejects from your book group.I am assuming you are with the Milngavie book group. There were quite a few crime novels, a Maeve Binchy and a few chicklit ones.



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