Wee Fiction

Just had no time to keep the blog going, so confession time. I am taking my wee contribution to Andrew McCallum Crawford’s blog and cutting and pasting it here along with the comments!

Hopefully I’ll do better in October what with poetry week and lots of lit things happening all over.


A Wee Guest Fiction: Leela Soma
Desert Dreams

His body lay in the mortuary. The Company, the Indian Government and the UAE Government argued over repatriating the body.

Suman had arrived in Dubai to build one of the skyscrapers that rose from nothing. The company laid off the workers when the building boom went bust. His simple dream of providing a decent life back home in Kerala for his family evaporated. Beholden to the moneylender and desperate, he threw himself off the unfinished ninetieth floor. His dreams splattered on the sand with his lifeless body.

He remained an untouchable in birth and death.

Lotus Reads said…
Wow, this story is powerful, poignant and topical. Not a week goes by without a mention in the newspapers of some unfortunate construction worker in the Gulf who either died in an accident or was desperate enough to take his own life. I was deeply moved by this story and its thought-provoking last line! Thank you Leela Soma.
26 September 2011 16:42

Gerda Casier said…
Strangely familiar and poignant, every word at its place.
27 September 2011 18:09

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