National Poetry Day

On National Poetry Day of ‘Games’ my wee thoughts


The legacy of the Guptas lives on.
A game of yore given to the world
Ashtapada the eight squared board
Mentioned in the epic Mahabharata
Of chess men infantry, cavalry, chariotry
Elephantry the game of war and strategy
Perused by Arabs taken by the Buddhists
To the Silk Road, Chaturanga made inroads
To Europe over centuries the game played on
Stone changed to boards now on computers
A game of brains, checkmated and stalemated
Imprinted into the history of mankind.

Snakes and Ladders

A piece of cotton marked with houses
All houses represent emotions
The mind is man as they say
The snakes the bad feelings that
Take one away from Nirvana
The ladders the support of man
Good feelings those positive vibes
Makes man content and happy
Using cowries, shells or wooden pieces
Throw the dice to your life’s chances
Ancient philosophy on a board.

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