6th December

Well ‘Bombay Baby’ has been delivered safe and sound. The launch at the CCA was enjoyable. Some people bought multiple copies as presents for their friends just based on what they had heard. A big thank you to them and hope that their comments will be positive. Post it on Amazon please!

Each day after the launch is challenging and exciting. New ideas on how to promote my novel has been given by so many in Glasgow. New authors are wonderfully inclusive, helpful and support each other. Sharon Mail, Christine Ravenhall, J.David Simon, Sue Reid Sexton V. Campbell, Ronnie Scott, Mary Smith, Catherine Czerkawska, Lesley McDowell, Chiew-Siah Tei, Delia Nadarajah, Suhayl Saadi and many many others too many mention have all been there for me. Online friends have kept me going with their fun posting and helpful tweets or FB status updates. Glasgow is buzzing with lit events that inspires me.
My local community has been great. Milngavie is a tiny village and has a cosy atmosphere of warmth and friendship.So all I need to do now is to get myself and my new ‘baby’ out there.

The next one is at Milngavie Library on December the 6th at 2 pm. You are all most welcome.

btw David Manderson’s psychological thriller ‘Lost Bodies’ is a scary, page turner that you can’t put down.Buy it now!

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