BB goes worldwide!

As the photograph shows ‘Bombay Baby’ is doing rather well. Bryan Owen a fellow poet has taken a copy all the way to Bangladesh to add to the collection at Grameen-Caledonian College of Nursing, Dhaka, Bangladesh. On my trip to India I gave copies to my family and some have reached Canada and USA. There are still relatives waiting in Australia to get a hold of’Bombay Baby’. As a writer it is good to have feedback and comments that are constructive about the novel. To hear from readers whether they are local or in other parts of the world is very satisfying and inspires me to work on Novel number 3. The surprising element has been the number of FB friends who have gone the extra mile to purchase the book. A friend in Belgium has paid £4 in postage to get hold of the book. Some have read ‘Twice Born’ both in the Kindle version and a physical book and have purchased ‘Bombay Baby’based on reading the first novel. My thanks to all of them.

Writing a novel is hard work. It needs good planning and more importantly the willpower and stamina to finish it.The research part is fun but it can take over from the story line and get one distracted from the work at hand. An idea for a story strikes one at any time, it could be a photograph as was the case for BB or a news item, a conversation, a piece of art, something that does not go away, and one feels impelled to write that story. Once the characters takes over, it is amazing how the story flows. I do hope my next offering will be one that enthralls my readers. I like writing about Scotland and India, the connections between the two countries is the unique blend that has become my trade mark.

Spring and Summer sees the start of the Book Festival season in the UK. The number of Lit Festivals is growing every year. I look forward to attending some at least. I also have a project that I have been commissioned to work on, so a busy time ahead.

btw I will be giving away copies of ‘The Vanishing Case of Esme Lennox’ by Maggie O’ Farrell on World Book Night on 23rd April.

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