World Book Night

The biggest book giveaway is on April 23rd. EDLC is holding a really good event with wine, cheese, music and great authors. Meet Louise Welsh and some of the local authors at the William Patrick Library.Come and enjoy a fun event.

The second event is by the Scottish Writer’s Centre on 26th April.Debate & Discussion- an interactive event. (Thursday evenings 7-8.30pm in the Clubroom)
April 26th: All the Languages of Scotland & World Book Night Giveaway-Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’

Our fifth great Debate & Discussion event for 2012. ‘All the Languages of Scotland’ discusses all the languages and voices of Scotland. Scotland is more multi-cultural than ever before with peoples from across the world choosing to make this country their home. Are the literary voices of Asian, Afghani, African, Indian, Polish, Irish, Iraqi, European and West Indian, to name but a few and of course, not forgetting Scots and Gaelic; being heard and read, whether it be by book or kindle? Are these writers being considered equally by publishers and booksellers? Do they want to be-do you want to be? Come tell us about your experience. Tell us what the Scottish Writers’ Centre can do to help you. Presenters TBC. Check the SWC Website for updates.

Hope to see you there.

5 thoughts on “World Book Night

  1. Lotus Reads

    Oh, Leela, what a busy and fun time you seem to be having! Thanks for taking a minute to stop here to tell us all that you are up to. Now,when I pick up my first Naipaul, I know who I can come to for help/clarification. I've always been nervous about Naipaul, I have heard people say that aside from his travelogues, he can be very difficult to read.”Scotland and the Empire” sounds like another very interesting class…I certainly didn't know that the founder of Yale made his fortune through the plunder of India! Enjoy, Leela! Will be thinking about on you on 05th March when you give those lovely Adiche books away to all those deserving readers.


  2. Leela Soma

    Naipaul is one of the finest writers . His style is superb. As a human being though I think he's not a pleasant person and some of that bitterness comes out in his writing. 'Engima of Arrival' is a great introduction to his prolific 'oevre' as it is autobiographical too. It takes us on his journey, his struggle to become a writer and a mental breakdown he suffered. He is not happy in his own skin and some people who have problems with their own identity suffer all their lives and he's one of those unfortunate ones. He hates himself and it comes out as arrogance, meanness and I feel sorry that such a wonderful intellect is coloured by such angst.I'd urge you to read him.Yale and his Madras connection and many colonial stories have been recorded but not been highlighted in India so it is a revelation to us. Yes, I'm looking forward to giving away Adichie's fab book.Thanks for your comment Angie


  3. Lotus Reads

    “He is not happy in his own skin and some people who have problems with their own identity suffer all their lives and he's one of those unfortunate ones.”Wow, Leela, that is some revelation. Like you also said, how very sad that intellect like his should be masked by so much angst. I shall definitely attempt something by him. If I remember correctly, Patrick French wrote a biography on Naipaul, which made Naipaul very unhappy…I should go and look up some of the reviews.


  4. Zoe

    Lucky you to be one of the bookgivers! As to Scottish poets my favourite is the late and very great Edwin Morgan. I read one of his poems at my wedding and always enjoy going back to his work.



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