Reading More

Here are some of the books that I’ve been reading during the last few weeks. Lalwani’s ‘The Village’ was about open prisons in India, a thoroughly modern concept that I was surprised to find has existed in India since the 1960’s. The book however had more details on the process of a film crew from the BBC in action in India. An unusual subject and written well.

I dipped into ‘1984’ an old, yellowed, dog-eared copy and found the book still a wonderful read but the old eyes found it a strain.

On my birthday I got a Kindle Touch. I was hesitant to use this new piece of technology. I must say it is wonderful. I am still to download books that I would really like to read. The TBR  pile in physical books is still high. I downloaded a few free books of friends from FB and read it. The actual experience of reading on Kindle is superb. I will download more books and create another big TBR pile on the Kindle.

For a change I read the ‘Kashmir Shawl’ by Rosie Thomas. A long saga of the Raj it was well researched and an easy read. I am now with Stephen Kelman’s ‘Pigeon English’ and learning about a young Ghanaian boy witnessing a murder in the East End of London. The book has Damilola’s trust website on the back pages and is a portrayal of the trials and tribulations of young black kids growing up in this deprived area of the capital city. A sober read I’m sure.

The fifth Milngavie Festival was a success. The Glasgow Lit scene is as bright as always, with a new Crime Festival in Stirling. The Federation of Writers had an ‘Open Learning’ event. Now the GWL’s 21 st Birthday celebrations begin with an exhibition and three reading events at the CCA from the 22 nd of September to  13 th  of October.  I was invited to participate in this event and was commissioned to write a short story. I’ll be reading it on 26th September at 6.30pm. Come along to the CCA if you are free that evening.

A cousin from America pointed out that my grandfather’s law journal was mentioned in Vikram Seth’s ‘Suitable Boy’. I must read it again and feel my whole being puff up with pride.

Life is good.

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