Summer’s away!

Did all fairy tales begin in India? This is the fascinating discussion event at the South Asian Lit Festival, 1st November to the 11 th in LondonHere is the blurb from the event that takes place on Saturday 3rd: 

Fairytales: From Panchatantra to the Brothers Grimm:  In the bicentenary year of the first publication of the Grimm Brothers’ folk stories, our panel explores the extent to which the Grimms were inspired by the ancient Indian animal fables found in the Panchatantra. The Arabian Nights, too, have tangible roots across the subcontinent, from Sanskrit animal fables to Buddhist short stories.

In this unique event we bring together experts in all three traditions to discuss these tantalising questions and revel in the timeless magic of storytelling.

Panchatantra ‘ is an ancient collection of animal fables written in Sanskrit around 3rd century BC.  The South Asian Lit Festival has a wonderful line up of authors and events for all ages. If I was living in London I would attend as many events as possible.

I have finished reading Aminatta Forna’s The Memory of Love, an absolutely fantastic read. I learnt about the civil war in Sierra Leone written in such a subtle, awe inspiring prose. I look forward to reading more of her work. She is on twitter and when I tweeted to her she responded immediately, adding that she was born in Glasgow. It is a small world, right?

What am I reading next? Barbara Kingsolver’s ‘Lacuna’ was my choice, but having heard that Anuradha Roy has won the Crossword Prize I am going to re read her book ‘The Folded Earth’ that I had purchased and read in great hurry during my stay in Jaipur in January. I want to revisit the book and take it at a more leisurely pace.

I hope you are  all prepared for autumn and the cold season. Summer is definitely away and  I’ll  be writing some short stories. I’ll also enjoy Navratri, Halloween, Guy’s Fawkes fireworks and Diwali in November. 

2 thoughts on “Summer’s away!

  1. Leela Soma

    Thank you Haddock and welcome to Tartan & Turmeric. I loved Chandamama comics as a kid. I'm sure with TV and new technology the kids will have even more ways of enjoying the age old fairy tales.



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