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Dahlia Publishing Ltd.

Hello and welcome to our first newsletter.

Since launching as a social enterprise in 2010, Dahlia Publishing has published four titles, hosted a handful of writerly events and continues to manage The Asian Writer.

Over the Autumn we conducted the Leicestershire Writers Survey  which found that many writers in the region feel that lots more could be done when it comes to literature events. We’ll be implementing some of your suggestions in 2013 so watch this space!

Today we’re launching our wonderful Xmas offers across all our titles, which celebrate brand new fiction from regional and diverse voices. There is also our exclusive bundle offer, where you can purchase all 4 titles for just £24.99). A perfect Xmas gift for a book lover. All our special offers are only available via this link.

We hope you will support Leicester’s independent press and by doing so, will help us to continue to publish fiction by new writers often overlooked by the mainstream.


Call for submissions: Submit your manuscript for consideration to

You’re getting this newsletter as a subscriber to The Asian Writer or because you filled in one of our surveys. We won’t be sending you another email until March 2013.

Launched this year, The Asian Writer Short Story Prize set out to discover and recognise the very best new writing emerging from Asian writers. Five Degrees presents fourteen short stories short-listed in this year’s competition.
The stories reflects not only the depth and quality of writing being produced by new and emerging voices in Britain today but also go some way to challenge the perpetuated myth that Asian writers only produce a certain kind of fiction.

Read some of the UK’s strongest fiction for just £5.

Our first anthology brings together poetry and short stories on the theme of celebration as well as a selection of interviews with Asian writers. It’s beautiful collection of contemporary new voices from across the South Asian diaspora.
Interviews with Man Booker Prize nominated Mohsin Hamid, Orange Prize nominated Roopa Farooki and Winner of the Commonwealth Best Book Prize 2010, Rana Dasgupta amongst others capture the experiences of writers from across the South Asian diaspora.
An eclectic mix of poetry and prose by emerging writers explore themes of love and loss, belonging and identity, tradition and ambition.
An advice section for aspiring writers includes a full in depth interview with agent, Lorella Belli and snippets of advice from over twenty published writers.
The mortuaries are full with victims of a brutal child killer and the city is in a state of alarm. The newspapers are rife with rumour. Who is the Beast and where will he strike next?
Young Will Jakesbere travels to London hoping to report on the illustrious career of Inspector Bucket of the Detective. But it is not long before he finds himself caught up in the chase for the sinister Beast.
Meanwhile, across town, a father is in a frantic search of his own – to locate his missing son. How will these two fates collide and will Bucket ever catch his man?
Inspired by Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, Inspector Bucket and the Beast is a new murder mystery featuring the enigmatic Inspector Bucket.

BUY NOW for just £10

Tina is torn between her Scottish parents and her Indian roots.  In the months leading to her eighteenth birthday she decides to find that missing piece of her life. Tina embarks on a journey, that will change her life forever, to India to find the woman she might otherwise have called mum. She meets an alluring American, Andrew and falls in love. But is all what it seems?
Meanwhile her uncle James is back in India on a business trip –  the place where he found himself and his first love. Just when Tina is about to discover her biological mother’s identity she is involved in a tragic accident and it is James who is summoned to her hospital bedside. As James begins to reminisce over his past he wonders how his life might have otherwise turned out. What happens when their lives accidentally intertwine and what will the consequences be for their loved ones waiting in Glasgow?

BUY NOW for just £10

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