Photo Blog Feb/ March

It has been rather busy after Christmas 2013. The weather was bleak and grey but being with family made it a wonderful Christmas. A time to share, relax and chill with gifts,good food,wine and lots of chocolates! Soon the book promotions of the GWL’s wonderful publication and other bookish events took over in the next few months as UK lay under rain and floods especially in the South. I have made this a photo blog so you can see how many different events kept me busy over the last few weeks. I have even managed to write a short story and  am still working on my crime novel. Both need a lot of work to get it right.
The Commonwealth Day  at the Andersonian Library of Strathclyde University with Nalini Paul and Magi Gibson. A great afternoon of  reading poetry and prose from all over the world. 
At Bridgeton Library on a Saturday afternoon  enjoying my first hold of the coffee -table lusciously produced book the ’21 Revolutions’ 

Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister of Scotland gave a stirring speech at the Engender Conference at the City Chambers in Glasgow, in the lavishly decorated ballroom, of the 1880’s. Interesting fact that ‘the central apex figure of Truth is popularly known as Glasgow’s Statue of Liberty, because of its close resemblance to the similarly posed, but very much larger, statue in New York harbour’

At Punjab Restaurant in Covent Garden for a tasty meal with family.Some of the photos in that place harked back to an older era. 
At the Scottish Asian Women’s Award night, a  photo with Johann Lamont the Shadow First Minister of Scotland. A finalistin one of the categories I didn’t win but had a wonderful evening meeting some amazing Scottish Asian women.
This was me  reading my short story at the GWL’s  ’21 Revolutions’ book launch  at Dundee Central Library.
So all in all a busy and happy Feb and March. Wonder what’s in store for the next few months? 

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