Started with a rather nice reading on the 10th of August

with the SWC writers hosted by  Appletree  Writers as part of the #edfest Fringe programmes. It was just off the Royal Mile in Jackson Close,  a beautiful building that was used for alternate therapies. A warm, cozy and  beautiful room filled with interested people. Rob Burdock a kind friend from Twitter took some photos and here is one!

The month got better when I was invited to be on a panel for the Referendum debate on BBC’s Asian Network Radio programme at the Edinburgh Pottenrow. I met Fred Mc Caulay and Susan Calman whose programmes I listen to often. Great comedians. The debate was superb with Nihal the chair very ably keeping us all calm and the debate was intelligent

and done with passion.

I attended a rather nice Indian cultural programme in Lanarkshire with classical Indian dance by a doctor and her young daughter who is doing her A levels. A very enjoyable evening indeed. 
On 20th August GWL hosted a wonderful afternoon with Palestinian poet Maya Abul al Hayyat and Abla Oudeh and poet Makar Christine de Luca and chaired by poet Magi Gibson.
The next afternoon I was at a friend’s 70th birthday lunch at Citation which was most enjoyable.
On the following Sunday 24th August, with an Indian group, we headed out to Edinburgh for a bit of culture at the National Museum followed by a lunch and a wee shopping trip at the Livingstone Outlet mall. Got myself a pair of comfy shoes.
This month is ending with a rather spiritual puja in Stirling for Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god who is supposed to remove all obstacles. Well, I hope he will help me get my poetry collection out soon!

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