1st September, my birthday, so autumn begins with a bang. Loved having a quiet birthday with calls from my daughter, lovely card from her and all the family.

Maybe not such an elaborate cake but cake was had! A quiet month, with all of us getting settled into the routine after the summer holidays. I had various attempts at the my third novel, the crime one and just could not get into it the way I wanted. So for the time being it goes into a back drawer, for it to stew. A few months away may refresh my own mind and help plan the whole book better for a new start.

Meanwhile the Scottish Referendum and its political arguments held sway. I felt deeply involved as most of my friends and own dear husband, backed the No campaign, while my feet was firmly in the Yes side. I did got to a few rallies, at least for a short time, and felt inspired that this small nation could rise again and be Independent. I was surprised and happy to be invited by BBC World Service to take part in a Google Hangout Scottish Global Citizens debate on the Referendum on the 15th. It was fascinating to share and debate rationally and with passion with some of the people from other parts of the world. From Malaysia, Nigeria, Canada and Taiwan, the debate was conducted with facts and emotion, an enjoyable hour where I could contribute to this important historic event in a small way.

If you are interested: BBC Scottish Global citizens decide on the Sc. Referendum: You Tube:

From Ganga to Tay, a wonderful poem written by Bahshabi Fraser, an Edinburgh poet, was adapted to the stage in the form of Classical Dance styles of India and the Scottish ballet. The dance at the Mitchell Theatre was a world première, a thoroughly new way to showcase the connections between India and Scotland and poetry in such a unique fashion. That was an enjoyable evening.

My friend and I tried the rather hyped-up ‘Hyndland Fox’ for a coffee and cake and was not impressed at all. Poor and slow service, we wouldn’t go back there in a hurry! Many more good coffee shops around the West End that are much better!

The Referendum vote is over and Scotland remains part of the UK despite a 45 % vote to be Independent. Democracy won the day as more people from 16 year-olds who voted for the first time to the well seasoned ones, to ones who had never voted in their lives were energised and motivated enough to use their right to vote. I feel so privileged and proud to have participated in this historic event. I must admit I was glad the very next day I had over a dozen friends coming for dinner , so keeping busy was the best thing, as the result was not what I wanted. I feel crushed and sad, but one has to move on and work for a better future.
Moving on to next week ,we’re off to visit family in USA. A whole month away will be refreshing for the soul. I may even get some new writing done. I do hope to meet some writers in North America. One of the reasons for getting this September blog written now, rather than the end of the month, is this exciting trip. Till the next time!

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