USA in October

Thoroughly enjoyed a whole month away from the computer, well I did manage to write a poem! USA in October, ‘the Fall’ is worth visiting just for the amazing colours, nature at its best before the bleak winter sets in.

I also managed to go to San Diego and Las Vegas( to get to the Grand Canyon), my first trip to the West Coast and was blown away by the sheer beauty and lifestyle in the balmy Pacific Coast. Watching early morning Yoga and surfing on the beach in San Diego was calming and exhilarating in the same breath. The old Spanish town and the colours, culture and art of Mexico was another gorgeous sight.

I had a prejudiced view of Las Vegas, thought a quick stay and get off to see the Grand Canyon, but mildly surprised at the gambling city that is OTT but totally like what you’d never see anywhere else in the world. Money yes, bling yes, but what money can achieve in quite an aesthetic way. You have to be there to appreciate it. From the perfumed air blasting from the Luxor Hotel where we stayed to the Wynn which had luxury oozing from every bit of marble and gold plated stuff( even in the loo!), it is something to experience once in a lifetime. What man can achieve in a desert by building a fantasy oasis is quite something. As for Grand Canyon, no need for words. Walking along the South Rim for 2.5 miles was a privilege and something I’ll never forget.

The highlight of my visit in Buffalo( as I had spent 2 months there last year) was meeting the writers at Just Write Buffalo Center. GE Ross an Emeritus Professor chaired a rather interesting writer’s workshop, work that had novel extracts, poetry and sci-fi genres. I enjoyed the whole evening. I envied the fact that they had a wonderful little building funded by sponsors! The literary scene is vibrant even in this city that is often overlooked as nothing more than a dying second city of New York State, or one to cross the border into Canada to see the wonderful Niagara Falls, another wonder of nature. There is so much more to Buffalo and its parallels with Glasgow inspired me to write a wee poem.

I was hoping to get back to writing as soon as I arrived back. I had a nearly finished short story on my old lap top. The new PC is great but Windows 8 needs a proper tutorial from an expert. I can’t find the short story that  I was sure I had backed up a copy, copied onto an USB or put it in my DropBox. Learnt my lesson. Must re write it again!!

So on OCT 31st let me wish you all a ‘Happy Halloween’ or should it be a ‘Scary Halloween.’ Till the next time!

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