Girl on a Plane, WBN and British Indian Awards 2015

A happy update on that missing passport! As I was getting out of the shower, yesterday, I heard a faint knock on the door. By the time I was decent and opened the door, no one was out there. I rushed over to the window and saw a huge UPS van and a young guy was just getting the driver’s seat. I hollered over, ‘hey did you have something for me?’ He said, ‘yep, left it at the door.’ It was the passport. I nearly missed it there in my excitement! Am I glad and relieved?? I really can’t put that feeling into words.

Back in Glasgow, I should have been reading tonight at the William Patrick Library for World Book Night. I had it all prepared, even the slides to go with the presentation. The library had ordered copies of my books, too. I hate to let people down. Once I commit to something I keep to it, unless I am really ill. Luckily that has not happened so far, touch wood! Unfortunately I had to fly in to NY for family reasons and I am missing the WBN event. I do hope it goes well.I see young poet Kate Tough and Alison Morton the Reader in Residence, are doing the honours and the Kirkintilloch Choir are singing too. Music, free books, book readings, what more does one need for a fine evening?

That bedroom looks just so tempting!

British Indian Awards is another glamorous, high profile event at Chateau Impeny Hotel, this Friday the 25th. I was thrilled to hear that I am one of the finalist in the Arts and Culture Awareness category. I’ll miss that wonderful event too. It would have been great to wear a silk sari and network with the great and good, British Indians from all walks of life who have served UK giving of their best. The venue looks amazing, a spa hotel set in Droitwich, an area I have never been to, near Birmingham. Well,  maybe I’ll get there one day.

Here I am in Buffalo, once a second city of New York State, its crumbling grandeur, a reflection of its glory days. This City of Light  has so much in common with Glasgow that a poem came easily to pen. Here it is for you.

Two cities

The two could be twinned, history so familiar
Niagara River, and Erie Canal made this city
As grain silos rose up in the sky, men worked hard
To get the grain ashore, milled and built steel.
The city of light, the Niagara Falls harnessed
To serve mankind, in all its glory and awe
The people of all colours sweated their labours
To make this proud city, aglow, resplendent.
Today, bleak in recession hit-West
Buffalo tries harder, the University is
A blessing, the young indebted for a future
Wait for the day, for the sun to rise again.
Glasgow, a proud second city, industries of coal
Steel and ships, the Queen’s ships built on River Clyde
Men and women of steel who gave of their lives
Working hard, skills of a lifetime cherished.
But the recession-hit world looks askance
As the unemployed youth grows and despairs that
The shipyards no longer strikes iron, jobs dwindle, and
The two cities twinned in hope, for a brighter tomorrow.

Enjoy your spring. It is snowing here in Buffalo! 

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