Friendship and writing

Sitting waiting at the airport for a plane to take off is the last place you expect to make a new friend. But that’s exactly what happened. A nice couple waiting at the same gate smiled in a friendly way and we got talking, the women first, of course! Within a few minutes we knew there was a special bond. Talking about the holidays we were looking forward to and then finding so many things in common in that short space of time was an eye opener for me. Often the fellow travellers are ships that pass in the night, literally. We were not even heading to the same place, just waiting for our respective flights to take off.  We exchanged emails and said our goodbyes.

FB kept our friendship alive. Like every relationship in life, it is a question of give and take, mutual respect and finding that commonality. This trip to Buffalo, I messaged her and she arrived the very next day, driving over 40 miles just to meet up, have a coffee. Finding friends and retaining them is important to me. When you meet creative people who go that extra mile, it makes life so much better. Cheers to my friend.

The Indian diaspora are very friendly and hospitable in Buffalo. As a small group here , just over a thousand families, there is so much co operation and help within the community that is extended to all. For me that is another great link in this city. My dual heritage helps in forging great connections in all parts of the world.

Buffalo NY is familiar to me now. This is my fifth trip. I came to see my daughter at the University in 2009, then both my husband and I came again in 2010 for her graduation. Followed in 2013 by her wedding here, then again 2014 for an extended stay of five weeks when we also visited our close friends in the West Coast.

During my last visit I decided to taste the literary scene in Buffalo. There is so much going on. My visit to Just Buffalo Lit Centre’s writing group chaired by Professor G.E Ross was wonderfully useful. The writing here is so not much different to the one in Glasgow, language differences apart, the themes that I saw were interesting mix of diverse voices and topics that were essentially dealing with universal themes. I would like to open up my own ideas to this new experience of crossing over the pond and looking at it from an Indo- Scot point of view. The first was the poem about Glasgow and Buffalo but lots more themes are forming in my mind and I wish I could write something that is worthy when I am here. I was hoping to find more of a Scottish connection here but Buffalo has very little of that.I’ll keep looking!

I am lucky that I am near a beautiful Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Amherst. Lots of books to browse and a perfect cafe to sit and write if I so wish, as I  watch the world go by.  I am blessed indeed.

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