Writing on holiday!

Well, as someone said, writers are never really on holiday! Thoughts, ideas, story themes keep appearing and there is so much you want to put down on paper. This week I met some lovely local writers in the local B&N bookstore. They were having a meeting on Novel Development. Author Barbara Early who has published a series ‘The Bridal Bouquet Shop  Mysteries’ under the pseudonym Beverly Allen was giving a talk on crafting techniques for new writers. She was joined by Lynn Wallace-Lee the coordinator of a website Basics2Bylines. Org, an excellent source for new writers. Katie Murdoch, the other writer has submitted a Ms for a new mystery novel and hopes to hear from the publisher by May 11 th! Ken Swiatek was the other writer in the group, I got to know. They were critiquing each other’s work after the break, but I could not stay for that part of the meeting. They were a very warm and welcoming group and I’m sure I’ll keep in touch with them.  It is so good to meet with fellow writers anywhere in the world. Their interest in the Scottish Lit scene is always thought provoking.

In the next few days  I was taken to a rather arty part of Buffalo city, Elmwood by a friend. Another creative person, who is  into producing films and writing scripts, it was a good outing and a meeting of minds.

The General Election in UK results kept me up late last night. Exciting new times for Scotland. Here’s to the future!

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