Daily Word Count

I saw a useful article in a tweet about ‘ The Daily Word Counts of  39 Famous Authors’. It ranged from a modest 500 by Ian McEwan and Graham Green to a mind boggling 10,000 words by a Michael Crichton! Most writers had given a ‘doable’ 600- 3000 words. To cultivate that habit of writing daily is admirable and effective. It is a discipline. Very often it is easier to say that I don’t feel like it, I have writer’s block, but to be a writer I think it is important to develop this habit. How do I fare?

I wish I could say I do it without fail, but it is not as easy as it sounds. I do write but may not be the novel, could be a poem, or jotting down ideas. Writing a novel is what gets you into that habit. Leaving a plot line  hanging is a great way to make you get back to the computer. On a good day I could write a 1000 words or more, often it is more like 400- 600. Again when travelling or at weekends I do little and I don’t feel guilty. To me family and other aspects of life are equally important. So sometimes I can go for a long time without writing what I want to write. This article certainly made me sit up and get inspired to make a habit of writing everyday again.

How about you?

The link to the article: http://writerswrite.co.za/the-daily-word-counts-of-39-famous-authors-1

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