Byward Market Ottawa- a photo blog

Byward Market in downtown Ottawa is worth a visit. Huge stalls that sells some amazing things. Fruits, flowers, and things you’d see in any open markets around the world. But I did find the atmosphere amazing. Here’s why:

 A Japanese woman singing her arias!

 A strange vehicle, well a rickshaw but how nicely done up!

I loved the Beaver Tails. I had them at the Ice Festival in February 1999! I loved the taste ever since.

This wee cat was really something else. Happy to be on its owners back. Quite fierce looking, close up. The owner said it was a Bengal Cat! I’m not a cat person, so no idea if that is right! 

As a Glaswegian, how can one not have a wee taste of free wine. Middle of the day, did you say? Well I’m on holiday so anything goes! A wee libation is allowed!

As for this pic, a lovely young lass was doing an Irish jig at the street corner! Now how nice is that?

All in all Byward Market was a treat to all the senses. So if you are in Ottawa, don’t miss it!

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