Art Festival- photo blog

Last few weeks in Buffalo NY. The warm weather has started the season of festivals. I was at the Allentown Art Festival last Saturday. A wonderfully hot day, too hot to be honest and the street was teeming with people. A great way to have a family day out. There were 400 artists from various parts of USA exhibiting their work.

 The festival started in 1950, in a modest way as most festivals do and now has mushroomed into a huge affair. There are some scholarship awards for the artists. I am still waiting to see the winners.

Some of the exhibits we saw. 
A variety of styles, landscapes and portraits.
I am not an artist at all but I can appreciate the creative work of these wonderful artists. The colours, the hard work and the imagination to put their ideas on the canvas is so much like writing. I admire them. All in all the arts, the crafts we saw were very good and the food stalls made it even more
enjoyable!  A great day out.

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