Authors Electric

I am rather thrilled to get a guest blog post on this great website,  ‘Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?’ As their blurb says, ‘We are 29 indie authors, all armed with e-readers, publishing ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks. This is where we get together to gossip, laugh, share tips and talk writing.
It is an informative, helpful and cheerful website that helps authors who have ebooks and published works. It is a community of writer’s who tell it like it is. I like that aspect of it. No pulling the punches, so here is my contribution today on the state of play of Asians in the Lit scene. The publishing industry and the litterati often write about the lack of diverse voices and point their finger in the direction of the publishing industry. But I think it is a two way matter, both sides need to work at it to get the work of diverse writers on the map.  


If you think my words are controversial, please feel free to comment. I know just last week, my publisher organised a New Writers Festival for authors of colour. It looked like a great success. We need more of it,  at the same time not let it become ‘ghettoised’ or marginalised.  I am often a lone voice up in Scotland, a token black/brown writer, but it is important to get our stories out. 

I am hosting a Diverse Voices Event at the SWC in August. We need to get more of this type of events and encourage people of colour to participate.

I’ll be returning home to Glasgow soon.  I loved the stay here in USA. It will become my third home, as my daughter lives here now. How enriched I feel with these experiences of living in the three continents of Asia, Europe and America? I am blessed. 

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