I’ve had a busy and good time the whole of August and September. Apart from the ones that I have mentioned in the last update, I attended a few more author events and a book launch at the Project Cafe. Glasgow is brimming with Literary events that one has the luxury of picking and choosing the ones that you wish to attend.

My birthday went off in a quiet fashion just as I wanted, a year older, so need to work harder to get projects completed. We saw the film ’45 Years’ both Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay were superb but the story was rather bleak.

I was thrilled to win a book token at the new Waterstone’s Byres Road on its opening night draw. It is a lovely new store and I hope it is busy and sells all the books that people want to read. I bought three books with my gift card and enjoyed reading two of them.

 The shop has a wonderful cafe and it will be a success as it is close to the University and right in the heart of the West End. As you can see in the photo, local writers are feted and it will be used to launch a lot of local writers and be supportive of their work.

I was invited to write a wee short story for a charity about WW1 and WW11. I thought that it was a great opportunity to highlight the tremendous sacrifice by the Indian army, which lost nearly 70, 000 sepoys/soldiers in the Great War. I was surprised that even learned friends of mine, writers too, were unaware of the scale of the participation and loss of lives in the Indian Army. I am yet to hear when the anthology will be published. Soon I hope.

I visited my local Lillie Art Gallery with a fellow writer friend for a local exhibition mid September and we followed it up with a nice coffee and chat. One learns so much more about what is happening around the writing fraternity during these informal chats.

The Bloody Scotland Weekend reminded me how I have lagged behind in my writing the next novel. I must get settled into writing it in the disciplined way as I did with novel 1 and 2. Maybe the fact that it is a different genre makes me a bit hesitant. I need to get the first draft down and not get distracted by writing short stories and poems.

The Scottish Writer’s Centre had a wonderful event with Sally Evans and it was a pleasure to hear her prolific work,  the way she organises the Callander Week and publishing the Poetry Scotland magazine. Here is a link to the blog by Scott .C.Morrison on that evening.  :

On 22nd September there was the Inaugural Lecture on Creative Writing by Professor Louise Welsh. It was such an informative and memorable evening. Meeting some of the writers and connecting with people is so good as writing is a lonely profession.

The Scottish Pen AGM is on 26th at the beautiful Mitchell Library.

October sees a host of Book and Art Festivals. East Dumbartonshire is having its own Book and Arts Festival( 10th – 23 rd October) mainly in the libraries, with authors like Chris Brookmyre, Jess Smith and Nicola Morgan at various events. I look forward to attending a few, though I must say almost every friend asks for the old Milngavie Book Festival which was superbly run by Susan Frize from the Bookshop and ably assisted by a host of volunteers including the hard working project manager Alison Hughes.  Here is a link to her work as a translator:

Well, October is the start of the Indian festival season that culminates in Diwali in November, so it will be a busy month dispelling the dark nights that will soon be upon us. Halloween and Guy Fawkes will also brighten up the days. Enjoy them all. 

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