Scottish Pen

What? Two blogs in two consecutive days?

Well, I had to share this.

Driving along to attend the Scottish Pen AGM, my first as a new member, I was listening to the wireless.  While watching the road and driving carefully, I learn this amazing fact from BBC Radio 3. Maybe my ignorance, but did you know that that sequence of numbers is in all of nature, a pattern to every structure? That even the  number of petals in a flower invariably is in Fibonacci numbers sequence. ‘Fibonacci the 13th C Italian mathematician, his 1202 book Liber Abaci introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics,’( Wiki) but even more surprising was this fact. It was not mathematicians who discovered the sequence of numbers but  it was musicians in India. They discovered that these numbers count the different combination of rhythms that one can make. So they solved the problem of how many rhythms one can make with long and short beats. Flowers, nature, maths, Mozart and the Masons, the Pentagram, the Golden Ratio, I got so much more from this wonderful programme. Here is a link to the programme:

Here’s a Fibonacci flower pattern:

I drove over to the Mitchell Library, a beautiful building so accessible to all and with such helpful staff. I got the two books on the Man Booker long list and then made my way to the Glasgow Room where the AGM was held. The room transported me mediately to my grandpa’s and my dad’s study filled with bookshelves heaving with old leather bound books. It evoked memories. The smell of turning the pages of old, precious books, yellowed with time and carefully maintained in India by chasing away the the tiny critters that used to devour the pages if one was not careful.

It was good to see some familiar faces, Anne Clarke, Moira Mc Partlin, Sue Reid Sexton, Fiona Rintoul, Jean Rafferty( I had met her only on Tuesday!). But the highlight for me was to meet Robin Lloyd-Jones, the first adjudicator of my work whose words ‘Everyone can start a novel, make sure you complete it’ spurred me on to become a writer. Winning that trophy at Strathkelvin Writer’s Group, that Robin gave me, was the first step that encouraged me to believe in myself. His words today made it even better when this great writer said, ‘I see your progress and it warms my heart.’ Made me feel so humble.

As for the writing fraternity in Scotland? They are all so warm, welcoming and so inclusive. I feel blessed to be in a country that not only fights for freedom of expression, but makes even the most hesitant, new writer feel worthy. The work of the Scottish Pen is admirable and the volunteers so passionate about freedom of expression, that they work tirelessly to achieve this goal all over the world. I feel so honoured to be accepted as one of the new members of this illustrious organisation.

After all the AGM work, chaired ably by Drew Campbell, we were witness to Moira McPartlin’s hard work as we listened to readings from the International Women’s Group, Maryhill.

The final item was a fascinating talk on Translation by Allan Cameron of Vagabond Voices.

All in all a Saturday that was enjoyable, informative and inspiring.

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