I know I have been off the whole of October. A wonderful month began with meeting friends for over 45 years, reminiscing our first meetings as young teachers in the same school. There were so many lit events again this month but I was able to attend only a few. On the plus side I did resume my writing of Novel 3, the crime fic genre still challenging me a bit but I am glad to get back writing again in earnest. A novel is always challenging in discipline and stamina, hope to keep it going.

 Douglas Thompson’s book launch was at the CCA on 27 October. What a prolific writer and one who writes with a passion! Books that delve deeply into existential questions, an interesting genre and he illustrates some of the work. I was glad I made it to his event.

I am sorry that I missed the Scottish Pen event in the Mitchell Room on the 2 nd of November. They work so hard to get voices that are silenced in prisons heard by the rest of the world.

November is usually a very sad month for me. This is the month when I lost both my parents and even after years of their demise it still hurts. Nothing can ever replace their loss. So despite the festivities of Diwali and the excitement of Christmas to come, my optimism dips a bit. This year however I feel quite positive.

I was invited to the opening of  GWL ‘s newly refurbished library. A wonderful surprise was that Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister was the chief guest, a tightly kept secret. What was even better was that she came out as a genuine person, at ease with all. She is a woman I admire and was thrilled to get a selfie with her, in fact she taught me how to take the selfie correctly on my iPad! Her speech, extempore, of course, was inspiring, a proper feminist speech covering all the important aspects of how much more we women have to achieve to get equality in all walks of life. It will be an afternoon for me to remember. GWL itself is a wonderfully warm place with founders Adele Patrick and Dr. Sue John who have worked tirelessly with all the volunteers and support staff to get this wonderful library its rightful place in our society.

Lots more happening this month with Diwali next week and so many interesting events to look forward to. On 19th Nov  I hope to attend the PEN Naomi Mitchison lecture with Val McDermid and Professor Louise Welsh is on at the University of Glasgow. On the same day is my friend Sam’s 50th birthday lunch.

Hope you all have a super November and Christmas when it comes.

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