War Child

Spring has arrived and we have had some lovely weather. The sun has come out and the flowering daffodils makes one heart leap with joy. Colour after the drab winter, life re-incarnating in all its forms makes my soul soar with hope.

International Women’s day is now a big event in the calendar. I was at Partick Library, along with three other speakers sharing a few words on ‘Women who Inspired me.’ I had to start with my mother, who has been and still is, an inspiration to me in every way. She gave me values that I hold dear and that I pass on to my child. She made sure that all three of us sisters had the same education as our brothers and  we never ever felt any lack of equality in the way we were brought up.

It was wonderful also for my husband and I to celebrate our 47 th wedding anniversary in a quiet way. So, I am feeling blessed in every way.

However, mid – March and I was struck by a nasty flu like bug. I could hardly get off the bed for a couple of days. I had to cancel a reading at the Federation of Writer’s ‘Sudden Fame’ Open mic event at ‘Aye Write’ Festival. The cold also prevented me from attaining any of the events. Such a shame, as the book festival in my own city is something I look forward to.

Good news was around the corner. A short story anthology that I had contributed to over a year ago was getting published on April 4th and I am excited. The anthology is to raise money for the charity ‘The War Child’ and not a penny of the royalties will go to any of the 15 writers who have given of their time and efforts so graciously for such a good cause.


I was very surprised to get a tweet from the curator of Glasgow’s Women’s Library, Wendy Turner, saying that she had created a Wiki page on me!! How kind of her? Here’s a link.

Glasgow Women’s Library has also made a podcasts of the anti-sectarian anthology Mixing the Colours. Mine is a very short poem, ‘Orange and Green.’  You can listen to the poem here:


April showers and the slight warmth in the air makes one ready for the months of brightness and light. Hope more short stories and poems will make their appearance, if I start submitting to the various magazines that are opening their submissions windows. I really should be doing that and finish my  crime novella.

A change of name for this blog was imperative. For some reason the name, Tartan and Turmeric is not showing up at all, so Glasgowlee it is.

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