Beast from the East

February and March have been marred by huge snowfalls . Snow lying for days, roads getting blacked is not something that were used to in Glasgow. Though it did make life more interesting . I managed to write a few poems inspired by the snow. A wee one here for you.


And still it snows
Gently fall the snowflakes
Stars of  crystalline perfection
Earth yielding to soft abundance
Enveloped in an cocooning white silence.

I finished reading Arundati Roy’s new book, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. Mixed feelings about the book. The story of Aftab/Anjum, the transgender woman is done beautifully but this book has rather a lot of Roy’s political polemic in it,  and it has taken the charm out of the story line.

The poetry class is good and we are moving onto looking at foreign poems, after indulging in classical poets.
Looking forward to Spring.

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