Locked In & Other Stories

As you can see I have been busy. The collation of short stories that had been published before and some that were still lying in the computer were worth airing. I do hope some of you will buy this short collection and enjoy the stories in them. The title story ‘Locked In’ was published in the National newspaper The Scotsman and was received with a lot of good reviews. It was a snippet of an article from the British Library that I came across on how poor women in India were rounded up and used to service British soldiers. When they had no more use for them they were left with little recourse to help of any kind, ostracised by their own communicates and callously ignored by the British Army. The story grew from that little article.
Other stories in the collection have appeared in some anthologies. Do read them if you wish to experience some work on stories set in India and Scotland.
I’ve also been busy with my local ‘Milngavie Week’ chairing an author’s event that went off rather well. Promises to be an annual event , hopefully. It was good to hear the publishing journeys of a poet and four other writers. One learns so much from listening to other authors and their passion for writing. I was honoured also to judge a Flash Fiction Competition for the Milngavie Week. Great submissions from the youngsters who took part. 
The summer months sees a burst of activities in the book world. There are many book festivals to look forward to. We are so lucky to be living near Edinburgh for the biggest book festival of them all. I do hope to go to a few events there. 
Wish all the readers a great summer full of sunshine and happy reading. 

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