Inspired by Walt Whitman

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Some time ago I was reading about Walt Whitman having a stroke that had left him paralysed, and he immersed himself in nature and its healing properties. Trees comforted him like no other. He wrote ” Go and sit in a grove or woods, with one or more of those voiceless companions, and read the foregoing, and think .” These words came flooding when I was walking in my local park. And a poem flowed and I jotted it down quickly sitting under the trees. Here it is.

At Mugdock Country Park

writing, walking, in the green, in the deep lush woods,
each tree a scrawl, the branches a plot line, leaves
are the key words intertwined and nurtured to grow.

like the wood formed from tiny seeds, the sun, pollen
rain cherished the saplings gave shape to a rain forest
an abundance, nature follows its own cycle of life, creation.

the book of life each line blossoming from the bud 
of an idea, an image from a painting, a song lyric from 
within, latent in my consciousness, maybe a lullaby, a tune of love
of comfort emerging as words on the page, inked now.

writing at the desk, the cafe, a tale formed in my mind
it could be erased, a word or a new world created within a page
my book, read, and reread, words on the virgin- new pages

of scribbles crowding the blanks, my thoughts on white.

Three of my poems were published in The Blue Nib magazine and I feel quite thrilled.

The Writer’s Cafe Magazine had one of my poems ‘Letters in it.

I must thank writer friends who have encouraged me to submit work out to various magazines which I was loathe to do. It is good to get some recognition and feel your words are appreciated by some readers at least.

We celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary , another milestone this month.

My Contemporary Irish Literature class has come to an end. I found it was really stimulating and I learnt a lot. May June will be busy as Milngavie Week dates are in so preparation for that week will be on.

March is promising to be sunny and mild. Hope you all have a great Spring season.

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