April Showers make May Flowers

Easter bunny soft and cuddly
Choc eggs galore

Easter, new beginnings as the skies open with gentle rain to help the buds blossom. Sun shines and the earth feels renewed and our spirits rise. All around the world spring is welcomed with rituals, flowers, food and people look forward to a promise of a bright summer. Make sure you enjoy lots of family time and the chocolates that come your way

Our garden is a glorious riot of colour.

I did manage to go to a couple of events at the ‘Aye Write’ Book Festival, Glasgow’s own delightful, busy book festival held at the Mitchell library. Dean Burnett’s, the neuroscientist, gave a humorous and informative talk based on his book ‘The Happy Brain’. What is the secret to happiness? Well, more questions than answers to that one, but a good event.

Despite the stress of the political mess Britain is with Brexit, one manages to get on with life and fill it with worthwhile, meaningful activities. Meetings with friends and family is always a pleasure.

Our writing group Bearsden Writers had another successful meeting this month, relishing the talk given by Joan Fleming on Writing Romantic Fiction. Our group is growing and good to see the interest shown by local writers. Lots of networking with like minded people is always helpful. After Ann Maclaren’s very successful book launch it is good to see another member is having a book launch later this month. Allan Martin’s crime fiction set in Islay, ‘Peat Dead’ is out on April 17th. I’m looking forward to reading it. Milngavie Week is coming up in June so I’m busy organising two author events and a competition.

Wish you all a Very Happy Easter.

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