June, the month of pearls and roses, summer solstice, the welcome warmth of summer and we would be busy booking our book festival tickets or attending some. This June 2020 is totally different. We are zooming, Facetiming and hoping the long lockdown would ease soon but the killer virus is still not defeated.

Once upon a time, I was a teacher of politics. Watching the news everyday one gets more despair than hope. Writing, as my second career after retirement, has been rich with rewards of meeting some wonderful new creative friends online and offline. Our little writers’ group is working hard and has a new website. Find us here: https://www.bearsdenwriters.org/ . We have set a monthly writing task and that keeps us busy moving our fingertips on the computer or pen on paper. Writing is not only cathartic at times but gives one a focus during this difficult pandemic times.

What have I been up to? It’s been quite a productive month with poems getting published in magazines and in two anthologies that are raising money for the Ambulance Staff charity and Macmillan Nurses. A wee list, a record of work that has been published would help me when I look over the blog later in the year. These were the magazines and anthologies hat published my work. Visual Verse, Cypress Press Journal( Canada), Stravaig 8 magazine of The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, ‘A Kist of Thistles’ an Anthology of Radical Poetry from Scotland, edited by poet Jim Aitken of Culture Matters, an Interview with Francis. H. Powell who is publishing the Anthology ‘Together Hidden Behind The Walls,’ raising money for the Macmillan Nurses. Here’s a lovely video link for that anthology below. And last but not least the wonderful ‘Dreich’ magazine has accepted two of my poems for one of their themed chapbooks.

My tip to all my writer friends? No rules, just write. Enjoy the time we have now, create words on a page, edit, polish it and send it away.

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