Sepia & Colour

Grenfell, the image of the inferno still stays in our mind. Has anything changed after all the hundreds of thousands of words and promises? Visual Verse, a wonderful magazine prompts us to write an ekhprastic poem every month. This month it is the image by Khadija Sesaye that made me pen a few lines. I tweeted: Thank you @visual_verse for publishing my poem in your lovely magazine. A great piece of art by Khadija Sesay for the prompt.

As I took a few steps in my garden I was amazed at the beauty of the hydrangea bush which has been bounteous with multi coloured blooms this year. Mother Nature at her best. But for how long? The transient beauty had to be recorded.

3 thoughts on “Sepia & Colour

  1. wenviking

    Another deeply moving poem, Leela – that burning tower is etched into my brain, I keep seeing it over and over, and find it hard to control my anger at the lack of response, the abdication of responsibility by everyone – it hurts – what sort of a nation are we?

    The photo of your wonderful hydrangea was a healing antidote. My garden’s looking lovely too at the moment – I’ve just WhatsApp’d you – if you’re on WhatsApp I can send you some photos of it.

    And I’ve also learnt a new word – I had never come across the word ekphrastic before!

    Love Wx



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