A Diwali Present?

Rather strange to find myself on YOU TUBE with a sari on! I am “In Conversation,” with Dr. Diljeet Bachu for The Virtual Glasgow Mela. It was good to connect with the Asian community in Glasgow. The Mela is celebrating its thirtieth year. It started in a small way in 1990 and has grown exponentially. Thirty thousand people enjoy a day of Asian music, dance, delicious food and even the sun shines in June for the great day. (Well, most of the time.) It was good to discuss my new crime book ‘Murder at the Mela’ published by Ringwood Publishing at this event. I do hope many of the Asian community would buy the book. You can pre-order it here: https://www.ringwoodpublishing.com/product/murder-at-the-mela-pre-order-now/ It would make a wonderful Diwali present.

So here is the link to the YOU TUBE video. Have a look and send your comments. Did it make you want to read the book?

4 thoughts on “A Diwali Present?

  1. robbiecharlie

    Hi Leela Congratulations on interview. I watched it on YouTube yesterday and was actually going to google Mela as I had not heard of it. However you have now answered that query. Good luck with launch of book. Speak in 4 weeks time Jean

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